Three on Thursday

Three things that are of interest – perhaps only to me – but of interest all the same.

  1. I just discovered  Seems like a very handy place to know about.  Especially if you are a mompreneur.  Or like to spend your money with mompreneurs – like I do.
  2. My kindergarten age son is learning to read.  On my third attempt at this, I picked up Hooked on Phonics at my local library.  I tried it out for free and then I searched for it on ebay once I knew it was right for him.  Got a brand new set of K-1 HOP for about $45.  Still in shrink wrap.  Good stuff right there.  My little man has been rocking out to this for a few weeks now and he still seems to love it.  And I do too.  Simple and effective.
  3. I’ve lost 10 pounds on South Beach.  Yeah, I know that one is really only of interest to me but it’s a big interest to me!  Three weeks tomorrow, 10 lbs down.  I’m pleased.

And my picture for this post.  I got one of these thought bubbles and I finally decided to mess with it yesterday.  It amuses me so I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again.




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