It’s been almost a week since I spent any time with you.  I went to a scrapbook retreat last weekend with some of my besties so that’s what has had me all distracted.  You know how it is, you get a little crazy in the lead up to time away from home and then you come home to all manner of things that need your attention that had to wait until you got there.  So, that puts me here with you on this fine Wednesday.

I want to talk to you today about Project Life.  It’s like a hybrid that is just right for those of us who like to “scrapbook” but also are just too dang busy to make every page some elaborate masterpiece.

It really isn’t rocket science, but it is a huge step forward and a total relief to me.  The meat of the system is a series of pages that you drop your 4×6 horizontal photos into along with 2×3 slots for journaling cards.  Sounds pretty mundane, actually.  But there is beauty in the mundane!  (That, too, is a theme for Project Life but you’ll have to discover that part on your own.)

I began scrapbooking somewhere around 1997.  I have scads of traditional scrapbook albums with many beautiful layouts in them.  I was super pleased that when I became a mother, I was able to remain pretty up-to-date in my chronological scrapbooking method.  I was routinely scrapbooking and my current page was pictures taken within the last three months.  Until… 2004 when we moved.  With the move, all the supplies went into boxes and they just were not the priority when it came to settling my little family of four into our new home.  Eventually they did get unpacked but I also got pregnant and had a third child.  With the move, the pregnancy, some knock-me-down illness and a new baby I just couldn’t keep it up.

As of this writing, my “traditional” scrapbooks are up to December 2005.  My youngest child is about six months old in those albums.  He needs to be able to see the pictures of his role in our family too, don’t you think?  This was reinforced to me recently when a friend who has 7 children told me about her youngest child.  She too is up to 2005 in her chronological family albums.  Problem is, her youngest child hadn’t been born yet.  That sweet little girl recently asked her why there are no pictures of her!

Enter Project Life.  I heard about this method in December and I ordered it up for our family.  The premise is that you would take a picture every day and journal the highlight of the day.  The problem for me is that I simply don’t want to commit to a 365 picture-a-day project.  I have enough commitments, thankyouverymuch.  For me, I use the album to highlight the 7 most important images of my family that week.  At some point, I’ll show you my actual album week-by-week.  But not today.  It’s the end of March at this writing and the album for 2011 is virtually up-to-date.  Each week consists of some pictures of what we did that week along with the journaling about what happened.

There are 8 slots for each two-page spread for both pictures and journaling cards.  One of the 4×6 slots is used to note the week’s date.  The other seven 4×6 slots are for your pictures.  The kit comes with the 4×6 date cards for you that coordinate with the journaling cards and some decorative 2×3 cards. (7 cards to journal the 7 days of the week and one extra just to look pretty.)

I love that I can use the kit and add to or subtract from it to make it fit perfectly for our family.  Recently, we had two rather dull weeks.  I don’t think I took 7 pictures total in either week!  For that situation, I simply had the two page spread represent two weeks.  It is totally adaptable.  For someone like me who can sometimes fail to start something simply because I don’t know that it’s going to work out perfectly, that makes Project Life very attractive.

Another key reason – and probably one of my absolute favorite reasons – I love Project Life is that when one of my children says or does something that I want to remember, I run right over to my little desk in the kitchen and jot it down directly on one of the journaling cards.  I date it and slip it into one of the slots for the week we are currently in.  No longer do I have a journal where I record the funny things they say and do and hope that I can find it when it comes time to “scrapbook” that time in their lives.  It is right there where is should be – in the album.

If you are still reading this, I commend you.  As you can see, I can go on and on about Project Life.  I will likely do just that in the weeks ahead.  But if you are thinking you might want to try it – don’t think for a second that you have to wait until January to begin.  You can start at any month.  Just do it.  I highly recommend it.

All of this chatter about documenting our lives via scrapbooks is the prompt for my picture of the post. Last week we had a lovely sunny day. I decided it was time to document some of the changes that are happening in our town. Someday, it won’t look anything like it does right now. I always love seeing those old pictures of what a town looked like before progress came and made it what it looks like today. So, I thought I’d do my part for my little piece of history.


One thought on “Scrapbooking

  1. What a gorgeous picture and you’re convincing me to order project life… I’ve been on the fence for a while… I may just have to do it… A story about that barn – we almost bought a home that looked out onto that barn – it was in a culdesac just behind it and the view from the bay window in the dining room was like a painting of that sweet little red-roofed barn. Ultimately we decided against that home for other reasons and moved onto the one we finally purchased… but then we heard about this shopping center going in! Thank goodness we didn’t buy! Now we would have been looking out at the back of a grocery store in a matter of time… 😦 So I’m kinda sad about this particular change in our town… even though we don’t live in that house with the beautiful bay window…

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