A little sick.

Remember the barn I showed you last week? The one that is historic and I took the picture of the “coming soon” sign with it? (http://www.amaranthineimage.com/?p=97)

They began tearing it down today. They weren’t supposed to do that. It was legally supposed to be moved and incorporated into the design of the new development. The barn is an historic structure but at this point, it appears to be destroyed. It was a legal requirement that the barn, silo and house be restored and incorporated. I simply do not see how it can be recovered. Demolition of the barn would have required approval from the council and I don’t think they had it, despite the appearance that they were in the process of tearing the structure down prior to the town ordering a halt to the project earlier today.

This is not going to sit well with the residents of my small town.

You can find the statement of our mayor here. (http://www.purcellvilleva.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=368)

I’m thankful I took my picture of the barn when I did. Who knew it would look like this less than two weeks later.

The above images are not mine. They were taken by my friend and neighbor.

One thought on “A little sick.

  1. Oh no!!! That is so, so sad!!

    Why would they do that?? 😦 If everyone in town knew it was to be preserved how could the contractor not know??

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