Classical Conversations at Home – Math

Over the weekend, I came up with what I think will be a great tool for helping younger kids retain their Classical Conversations math facts. As a tutor, I also plan to use it in my class for review.


First I used my Cricut die cut machine to cut out some ice cream cone shapes. (If you do not own a Cricut, either use something you have or buy something cheap at the dollar store, the craft store or the teacher supply store.) I used some inexpensive bulk pink and brown cardstock to cut out the ice cream and the base cone. I decided to put it all on foam core (purchased at the dollar store) but I thought it looked drab on white so first I painted it with cheap tempura paint. I printed up a document with the first half of the math facts that we review from weeks 11-24 and used them to label above each ice cream cone. Then I covered the entire poster with contact paper. Next I printed up another document with the matching portion of the math facts from the Classical Conversations Foundations guide. Those I tacked onto the pink ice cream scoops and laminated. Finally, I used hook/loop coins to attach the pink ice cream scoops to the base cones.  On the lower right corner, I plan to attach some envelopes for storing the pink scoops while presenting the board as a matching assignment for the kids.

I might not go to this level of effort for every home school memory project but I think this one is worth it.  Given my role as CC tutor to a group of first graders and the fact that I have 6 more years of Foundations ahead of me for our family and considering this math information will be used in each cycle during those 6 years, I think this level of effort is worth it.  Additionally, my kids seem to learn well with visual, hands-on manipulatives.  Besides all that… it was simple, fun and cheap to make!

I hope you find it a blessing or an inspiration for your own home school.


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