Three on Thursday – Friday Edition

Well, Three on Thursday is going to be on Friday this week.  I mentioned last week about how overwhelmed I am, right?  Here’s proof.  {sigh}

  1. Have you ever read the book Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson?  It’s a good book.  He talks about how sometimes the plant needs to be pruned and cut back in order for it to grow fuller, stronger and bear more fruit later.  I’m getting pruned.  The last week has revealed to me that some things need to be cut away to make room for others.  Some of the things He is cutting away are perfectly fine, even good things.  But they are not as good as what is to come.  They are not where I’m supposed to be focused.  I’m not sure where this is all leading but I know it’s leading somewhere.  I have faith.
  2. Two great things happened this week with my kids.  First, Mason taught himself to ride his bike.  No parent.  No instruction.  He got mad at one of his training wheels so he took it off.  Then he rode around with only one and within a few minutes learned to balance perfectly.  We are taking the other one off tomorrow when he gets to show his father his new skill.  He is so delighted!  The second is that my nine year old daughter beat me at Quirkle yesterday.  She beat me good.  By 21 points!  The girl has some strategy and thinking skills.  At the end I said to her, “You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?”  She responded, “Yes.  Yes, I am.”  It was said with no gloat, nothing but pure innocent pride.  It was completely charming.
  3. My husband lost his friend and colleague Tuesday morning.  Derek died of cancer.  He was my age.  Late 30’s.  One day he was sitting at his desk and abruptly left because he wasn’t feeling well.  Within a week he had a diagnosis.  It’s been a hard week for my husband.  Budgets and stressful accounting deadlines coupled with outside requirements topped off with grief.

One of my friends just posted this video on her Facebook page today.  It’s a sweet reminder to savor your journey through motherhood.  Watch it.  It’s not a total downer, even though I sound like that this week.  It’s very sweet.  I want to buy her book now.  Just watch.

Savor your journey!




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