Three on Thursday

  1. We are puppy sitting today.  My friend had to go to a funeral far, far away and it would require the entire day.  It is lovely to have a loaner puppy for a test run to see if we really want one.  This one is mighty cute too.  She is a lab but I think she looks like she’s going to be on the small side.  I like small.
  2. My little man had to go to the doctor this morning.  After having a cough for two months or so and then kicking into high gear with allergies, it was time to go see a professional.  I was on my knees in prayer all night last night because of it.  He sounded so bad.  It’s good to have a family practice that you feel confident in calling when the momma gets scared.  And I was scared.  Funny thing – when we were in the office, all he wanted was a pair of those gloves.  So cute.
  3. My new time waster is Words with Friends for my iPhone.  I’m terrible but it still amuses me.
  4. I’m feeling rebellious.  Today gets four items.  I got a new iTouch yesterday.  Due to a severe Amazon foul-up, they had to refund me about $150.  I decided to buy a used apple device to dedicate to Classical Conversation memory work for the car.  Problem is, I really, really like this thing.  It’s nicer than my current version of my iPhone.  {sigh}



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