31 Days to Clean

I have a confession. I’m a disaster of a homemaker. My house is rarely clean. If a room is clean, it’s usually only one room. I’ve tried FlyLady – too many emails. I’ve tried purging – suddenly everything is a treasure. I’ve tried other various “techniques” to try to keep a tidy home. So far, nothing has “stuck”.

I do think it’s important. I want my husband to have a comfortable place to rest. I want my children to have a good example of what a house should look like. I know it can be done because I have a friend named Rosaria who does it. I’ve been to her house on a regular basis and it’s always tidy and welcoming. I don’t need my house to be the Ritz, but I do want it to be tidy and welcoming like Rosaria’s house. My mother has a tidy house and gave me that calm growing up. Clearly this is not a hereditary trait. I wish it were.

Just this morning I stumbled on something new. It’s 31 days to clean. I don’t really know what it is yet but I think I’m going to give it a go. I can do anything for 31 days, right? It’s $5 for the ebook or pdf. I can afford $5, right?

I could very well be setting myself up to fail. Again. However, if it would possibly serve one other mom who needs it too, I’m willing to fail in front of you. Again.

Are you curious too? You can find out more here.

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean


One thought on “31 Days to Clean

  1. I sadly agree, the ability to keep a home tidy and pristine at all times is not at all hereditary, and I too wish that it was. I will add to this, that the homes I have visited and felt comfortable in, are the homes that have toys scattered around the floor, the odd goldfish in the toychest (or 10 of them in the crayonbox in my house during one slightly embarassing playdate), baby pyjamas on the playpen, and socks somewhere on the floor. Homes that are perfect, with crystal vases and not a speck of dust make me feel, as if children are not allowed to move about freely for fear of breaking something. I haven’t got a tidy or pristine house, I wish that it was more tidy and pristine, but I can say, I have definetely got a house to have fun in. Juice stains, jam fingerprints, and all.
    And the best part is, when a kiddie guest spills her chocolate milk on my cream coloured carpeting, and wipes pizzasauce fingers on my white wall, while the toddler sibling discovered crayons and set off to ‘decorate’ said white wall, I am able to smile cheerfully and honestly, while I blot up the chocolate milk, wipe away the pizza sauce, and admire the new artwork on my wall.

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