Clean up – Week 1

It was week one of 31 days to clean at my house. I did not do what the challenge suggested, however I did clean out my family room. I know that organizers and planners have good reasons for wanting you to start in the kitchen but I needed to start in a room that I could clean and might have a chance at staying clean. That’s the family room for me. My problem with starting a seasonal deep clean with the kitchen is that I’m never ahead of the game because the kitchen never stays clean. I could spend all my spare time in my kitchen every day and it would need attention again about 2 hours later.

So, I’m not exactly following the 31 days to clean format but I am motivated for my own Spring Clean. So much so, I was talking with a friend on Wednesday night and we have a bit of a challenge going between us. We will compare trash and donation piles each week to see whose is bigger. It helps to know that although I personally feel like I should be more accomplished at this simple domestic challenge, I’m not alone in finding it difficult to maintain a tidy home.

The friendly challenge came about when I told her that with all the turmoil from weather our country has had lately, I began to think about what it might be like to have a tornado go through this house. That led me to think of my stuff a little bit differently. My standard for my purge this month is this – as I hold each item I will ask myself “would I ever miss it if my house was destroyed?” and if it’s not a sentimental item, “would I replace it if my house was destroyed and I was starting over?” Hopefully these two questions and a little personal honesty will help me have some clarity on the stuff that is piling up around here.

A minor success? Last night a dear neighbor stopped by after my husband posted that he had made us margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. Although my house is a mess, at least we could sit in the tidy family room and enjoy a neighborly chat and a drink. Perhaps I’m not hopeless after all!

I hope you are finding success at your house!



4 thoughts on “Clean up – Week 1

  1. I’d call yesterday a major success! Hate thinking about how many experiences like that I’ve avoided sharing with friends because everything wasn’t Company Ready. Thanks!

  2. Just saw this…really liked your two questions…as I have begun my own spring cleaning with the target of getting married and consolidating two homes, these are great questions for my fiancee and I to remember.

    Thanks!! =)!

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