Math Monday

I’m happy to report that Math Monday was a success at my house last week.  We had a couple light bulb moments.  First, we sat down to the multiplication chart.  The initial response was the familiar panic that I typically see when this child is presented with a math worksheet.  I said, “this is not a math assignment.  I just want to show you how much you already know!”  We proceeded to skip count across the board, filling in the numbers we already know.
When we came to the end of the immediately available knowledge in the child’s head, we stopped and looked over our work.  I pointed out that about 3/4 of the board was filled out without any real effort.  I saw a light bulb go off as the child realized that we’re over half way there!  I said, “aren’t you proud of yourself?”  The response – the best moment of my week, “Yes, yes I am.”

I took the blank addition charts and gave them to the other two children.  It was filled in with relative ease and then we discussed the patterns that appeared on the board.  Another light bulb moment!

My result – we will revisit this activity often.

This week I want to share with you one of the assignments my children find in their workboxes often.  In Classical Conversations, each week we do some skip counting for the first 11 weeks.  This is a dry erase method that lets my children find the patterns and figure out the next number in the skip counting assignment.

For this one, I will write the number I want them to skip count by in the bottom blank.  They skip count around the board with a dry erase marker circling the numbers.  It’s a quick activity that helps them practice the skip counting facts for that week.

Another version of the same idea is the blank 100’s board.  For this one, they write in the number that they are skip counting by in the box where it would belong on a blank hundreds board.  On my daughter’s you can see that there are 12 blank lines down the side for her to write in the numbers she is skip counting.  For the boys, you can see the front of one son’s while you see the back of the other son’s board.  It’s the same as what you see on one side of my daughter’s board.  I just made the boards differently for the boys.  Truthfully, it was so those big stickers could fit on the board.  It’s just more fun when you have stickers involved.

I find these to be a pretty painless way to practice the skip counting and see what they know.  I hope they are helpful to you!



One thought on “Math Monday

  1. Hi Alissa,
    Great ideas for math. I just printed off a set of poems to help with multiplication table. One of them off top of my head is 6X 6 magic tricks, abracadabra. 36
    7×7 were doing fine. They make the number 49.

    Any way if you want the rest just email me:)

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