Master Timeline – Classical Conversations at Home

Today I wanted to share with you something that I made for myself that made my life a lot easier.  Both as a tutor and as a mom.

This is my Master Timeline folder.  Since my feeble old brain has not mastered the timeline from start to finish, I need to know that I have it in the right order when I am either in class or reviewing with my own children.

In class, each week I hang the current timeline cards for that week and we go over the hand motions several times as a class.  However, just a few short weeks into the first semester, I realized I needed to accurately know the order when I was reviewing the previous six weeks worth with my class.  That is where this came in.

I could carry 7 weeks worth of timeline cards with me each week.  To be sure, I could do that.  However, I’m a nervous Nelly and do not wish to possibly lose one of my cards.  Additionally, 7 weeks worth of cards can be quite hefty when carried and I had several frustrating experiences last year where I was frantically searching my bags and my home school room last year for one MIA card.  The less I have to keep up with each week, the better off I am.

The method I’m suggesting to you here requires more effort up front.  No doubt.  But it’s effort that needs to be done only one time.  And right now – in July as you are excitedly preparing for this school year – is a perfect time to do it.

You will need two things to create this yourself – you need to own the cards (all of them) and you need a membership in CC connected.

On CC connected you can find three documents in the file share that you need.  One is called Timeline_Motions.pdf and the other is Timeline Pronunciation Guide.pdf.  The last is a list of our Presidents last names if you don’t already know them in order. (I don’t.)

Additionally, you need to spend some time scanning in your timeline cards two at a time.  No one can share this with you according to copyright laws and you may not store it on your computer.  So once you have completed this project, you will also need to delete it from your computer.

Within the Timeline_Motions.pdf, the last page shows you all of the alphabet in American Sign Language.  I put that on the opening page since I occasionally find myself getting mixed up on a few of the letters.


On the next page, I begin by putting the the list from CC connected on the left with the motions for the 8 time line cards for that week.  On the right, I printed out a document that printed four of my scans (totaling the 8 cards for the week) on one sheet.  You can do this by going into your printer settings and selecting how many documents you want your computer to print at a time.  Select four and it will give you this.

I do this so I can recall with one easy glance the hand  motions I’m teaching and the visual cues from the pictures on the cards.  The photograph above has a glare.  I know.  I did that on purpose because the material itself is copyrighted.  But I wanted to give you a visual about how it’s laid out in my folder.

After the 20 weeks of time line cards and motions, I have a list of our US Presidents and the pronunciation guide.  Sometimes, I’m stumped on how to say some of these time line titles.  I think the pronunciation guide is helpful.  If you don’t need it, you can easily skip it.

I find this to be significantly easier to tote to class along with only the current cards.  If you don’t elect to duplicate one of these for yourself, I hope it at least inspires you to come up with a way to make your life easier.

Blessings to you!


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