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Project Life – Journaling cards

When working in my Project Life album, sometimes I have an event that requires more than one picture but not more than one journaling card.  And, as much as I love the pretty cards that came with my kit, sometimes they don’t go with what I’m working on.  Last night I got tired of of cutting my paper to 2.75 by 3.75 and it not always matching quite right.  I began wishing there was some setting on my Cricut or some Sizzix die that was just the right shape so that they would all be the same – every single time.

And I made a discovery!  The Sizzix Frame #2 die creates a perfect journaling spot card!  Use the interior of the frame (that you would normally toss as scrap/leftover) and it fits perfectly!

I hope this discovery makes your life easier too!