Project Life 2012 – Hello!

For 2011, I did Project Life for our family album and it was great.  I am ordering pictures for the last of December and I hope to have the album completed by the end of January.  I can’t say that I’ve ever had a year of our family album done by the end of January of the following year!

A couple of my girl friends have asked to see my album from 2011 so I will make an effort to share that with you when I have it completed.  In the meantime, here is a video I did earlier this year of my Project Life album.

*note – Turquoise album is now available again on Amazon.

Last year I started out trying to do a picture a day but I quickly moved to using a week to highlight the best of that week. Some days just don’t have anything special.

I plan to show you how I set up my PL station in my kitchen last year – which is a major factor in staying up to date for me. That will come, but in the meantime, here are some fantastic posts from around the net of how some other ladies set up their PL stations. Keep in mind, some of these are pretty intense and remove the whole point of keeping the album simple. But the beauty of PL is that you can use it straight out of the package and make it work for you from there. Just start. Play with it and figure out how it works best for you.

This year I ordered both the Clementine and Cobalt collections. I ended up selling the Cobalt to a friend since I didn’t care for it as much as I do the Clementine. Additionally, I bought the digital version of the Original kit (via Jessica Sprague). Now I’m sorting out how to use them. Whether I will use the digital version on old pictures and the Clementine for this coming year. I’ll let you know when I get going on that.

Here are a few resources for you as you decide if this project is for you and if so, how to get set up for your own personal success.

The Mom Creative

Mish Mash

The Moments in Between

Marcy Penner

I love that Marcy pulls in various pictures into Photoshop and resizes them to her desired size and prints it all on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of photo paper.  I will be implementing this in the coming year!

I’m excited for another year or preserving our family history in a touchable way that is current.  I wish the same for you.




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