Project Life – Begin Where You Are

With the beginning of the new year, Project Life inspiration is everywhere. If you start visiting around the various blogs who talk about Project Life, it won’t be long until you feel like you need a whole room dedicated to your Project Life book, along with a series of extra products that are too cute to pass up and you are right back to traditional scrapbooking.


A lot of these women bloggers are either professional bloggers and/or affiliated with the scrapbook industry some how. And that is great. I have no beef with them or what they are doing with their albums. My beef is how it is affecting you.

If you have never done Project Life before, I have one piece of major advice for you. Just get the kit and start. You don’t need anything but the core kit and the basic pages. $50 total. Buy a 3 ring album that you like – either from Amazon or your local retailer. And at the end of the year, you will have a lovely album.

The only other thing you need is a photosafe pen and that is it. Nothing else. If you want to start really fancy, get Becky’s package of variety pages for those times you take pictures in various orientations.

I have had a scrapbook room for years. Yes, a room. I have loads of supplies. And they can overwhelm me on any given day.

The whole reason I have a completed album from 2011 is because I kept it simple. I kept it in my kitchen where I could access it daily. It didn’t take up an entire counter.

As your year goes on, you will find other things that you think are cool and you will add them to your book too. But don’t wait until you have all those things to start. Just begin with the basics. Who knows? Perhaps we will morph into one of these scrapbooker extraordinaires. But if we don’t, we have a beautiful album that our family can remember the year with.

Here is what I kept in my kitchen last year.

One 12×12 plastic envelope (available at any craft store chain) and a leather-ette looking two drawer desk top organizer.  (Found at Kohl’s on clearance)

The envelope had 8.5 x 11 cardstock and a *small* smattering of decorative paper that I thought coordinated with my kit well enough.  This was used when I had a large picture to insert (via regular old page protectors that I already had on hand) or several smaller pictures that didn’t fit in the book.

The top drawer contained my cards from the kit, the date stamp that came with the kit last year and my 3 pens.  The scissors don’t actually belong in there but got shoved in there this week for some reason.

The bottom drawer included the stuff (mostly from the kit) that I didn’t use daily.  Plain white journaling cards (now included in the kit), the arrow and number stickers, a package of photo splits (adhesive for when I inserted a picture or pictures onto one of those 8.5×11 pages I mentioned above) and a package of flip-flaps (from Close to my Heart – adheres to the page to add two more pictures to an event when I needed them).

That’s it.  And even that is too much for some of you.  But being streamlined, sticking to the kit and keeping it neat in my living area is how I completed the album last year.  As much as I love some of these fancy albums I see people post on line, I love my simple album even more.  Because it’s mine.

Keep It Simple Sweetheart.  You can rock this too.


*edit to add – This year you don’t even need the leatherette drawer thing.  Last year the kit came in a huge 12×12 box.  Now that the core kit comes in such a cute little box, you can just set that on your counter.  One less thing to buy.  Or reason to postpone starting.  No more excuses.


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