Wardrobe makeover and what I wore Wednesday

Yesterday, I mentioned how much I love Pinterest.  While I was there, I came across a woman who has an ebook out about a nobrainer wardrobe.  Although I didn’t buy the ebook, I did go check out her blog series she did on the subject back in October.  (You can find it here – http://www.thetinytwig.com/category/wardrobe-beauty/page/3/)

As a mom at home who has three elementary age kids, homeschools, cleans her own toilets, is approaching 40 this year and doesn’t have a ton of cash, the series appealed to me.  I am not one to put a high priority on what my wardrobe looks like but it is still a priority to me.  I’d like to look presentable most of the time.  However, a lot of the ideas I see on-line are just out of the question for me to wear in my daily life.  The high heels with jeans trend?  Yeah, that’s not gonna happen here.  It may look cute, but it’s totally impractical for my daily life.  But still, I’d like to kick up my game a bit from my daily uniform…

(Please forgive the quality of the pictures – my 10 year old daughter took all of these and they are a wee bit fuzzy.)

Over the last week, I’ve begun working through some of her suggestions.  I began thinking I was going to purge my closet.  Lots of stuff I simply don’t wear.  That went from purge the closet to shop the closet instead.  I’ve recently been having a pitty party about my lack of appropriate church clothes for winter.  I wear a lot of jeans in my life.  Spending a bunch of money on a dress to wear – maybe once a month – is simply not very practical to me right now.  While I was in my closet, I looked again at a suit I’d bought for myself.  I probably bought it 4 years ago and it still has the tags on it.  It’s an Evan Picone, pin stripped, lined suit.  I actually think it’s rather nice.  But I don’t wear suits.

I guess I talked myself into it because it was a nice brand name, lined suit.  The jacket was $20 and the pencil skirt was $10 according to the tags that are still hanging on them.  I even bought myself a red blouse to go with the suit.  It, too, has been hanging in my closet for probably one year less than the suit has been.  (I literally dusted a layer of white off the shoulders to snap that picture above.)

The blouse looks alright.  I actually like most everything about it.  Except that if I were to lean forward anyone near me would see everything I have to offer.  It’s a bit low cut for my taste.  So, it too has been just hanging there with it’s tags still on it.

But after searching around on Pinterest and making myself a wardrobe board, I began to notice a trend.  I like scarves around my neck.  So, I ditched the jacket and put a grey scarf on with it and – Voila!

Now that is something I would actually wear to church!  But it’s COLD here right now so most likely, I will be wearing some charcoal tights and black boots on Sunday morning instead of bare legs and peep toe shoes.

About 10 minutes of play – with things I already owned – resulted in something I plan to wear on Sunday.  Not a bad investment.  Thanks for the inspiration, Hayley!

Then I grabbed a long sleeve t-shirt to go with my beloved Levis 512 jeans – standard uniform.  But today I added some ballet flats and a scarf.  I threw my hair up in a messy, curly up-do and went about my day around the house.  It sure was nice to look a little better than average when someone stopped by unexpectedly that afternoon!

There is just one thing – now I remember why I haven’t worn these flats in ages.  I need to figure out how to stretch them so they don’t rub my feet into a blister.  Anyone know a good tip to do that?

After summing up my wardrobe quickly, I came up with a short list of 6 items I’d like to add to add a bit of variety.  I’ll let you know how that goes next week.

Thanks for stopping by!


pleated poppy


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe makeover and what I wore Wednesday

  1. You left such a nice comment on my blog that I had to come over and say Thank You! You said your 10 year old daughter took the pictures – my 9 year old son takes my WIWW pics. Hey, it works! I love the scarves, they make such a difference, and both pair of shoes – I’m semi obsessed with scarves these days. Maybe it’s the cold weather! Happy Wednesday to you.

  2. I think your re-purposed outfits look great! I love scarves, too. I’m always cold and they help keep me warm. Love your church outfit. I have those same zebra pumps!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts on ‘our’ little word! Actually what I shared about ‘enough’ was just on my mind at the time. I have some of the same thoughts for the year as you shared in your comment. I had planned to expand thoughts over the year on my Seeds blog. I LOVE the way you restyled your ‘old’ and rediscovered suit/top! Looks AMAZING with the scarf! I also love Pinterest for inspiration. 🙂 Again thanks for stopping by.

  4. I thought I would check out your post, as you so kindly did mine. I just love those zebra pumps. The make you look a little bit feisty! In a good way. I agree, just the simple addition of a scarf and a fun updo and you feel a little more snazzy. While the blue flats are very cute, if your feet hurt whenever you wear them, give them to your 10 year old for dress up. 🙂

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