A Wardrobe Makeover – What I wore Jan 18 to 24

Last week I mentioned that I had a short list of some pieces I wanted to find.  With a $20 gift card in hand, I headed to Macy’s last Tuesday night after my husband was home and my family was fed.  With $20, I knew I wasn’t going to find the jeans/pants that were on my list but I did come across an enormous clearance section.  I took a quick stroll through and found two cotton cable knit sweaters for about $10 each.  I found a faux wool sweater that I think is super cute for about $6 and a “statement” sweater that ended up being about $12.  That is my kind of shopping!

Here is what I wore this week-


Belted one of the cable knit sweaters with a pink jacket on top.  (That jacket was thrifted back in August for about $5.  It’s a Liz Claiborne and it still had it’s original tags on it when I found it in the thrift store!)

As a side note, my children clearly are not used to this.  One child told me I looked beautiful, another asked me if we were going to church and the third asked me why I was so dressed up.  Ha, ha!

Do you know what is great about participating in WIWW?  Looking at a picture of yourself when you think you’ve done good with your appearance.  Pictures don’t lie.  For example, that lipstick you see above?  It’s in the trash now.  Moving right along…


Today, my big effort for WIWW was to color my gray sideburns.  Yikes.  Other than that, it’s a pretty Plain Jane outfit.  This is that new $6 sweater from Macy’s that I mentioned above.

I’m also actually wearing earrings today.  Baby steps.  That’s what I’m all about.  The hair is still a little wet…  but it was time to stop playing dress up and move along with my day so what you see is what you get.

Like our rabbit?  Her name is Rosie.  My daughter was playing with her when I asked her to snap the pictures so I had to hold the rabbit.  Isn’t she cute?


This was probably my favorite outfit of the week.  All the components have been in my wardrobe for awhile but I never thought to put them together until I was “playing dress up” the other night trying things on.  It was actually fun to get dressed for Classical Conversations co-op today!

I can’t believe I live in a world where we are allowed to wear leggings again.  Ah!  Life is good.

I have to confess, the purse is new.  And so are the boot socks.  I wonder if the boot socks cut the line of my leg too much.  I’m bummed that the picture didn’t come out better so I could ask your opinion on that.  But it was time to go so…  this is the only picture we’ve got.


We got snowed/iced in here last night.  Hubby and I decided to reorganize the kitchen cabinets today since we had the luxury of time at home together.  We got about half of them done and it feels GREAT!  But that is for another post.  Since we were working and no one but my blog friends was going to see me, I kept it simple.

Sunday Morning

The outfit I showed last week – but with boots and grey tights.  It was cold and icey so I’m really glad I skipped the peep toe shoes from last week.  😉

Sunday Afternoon

I went to a friend’s house to scrapbook so I thought I’d share that too.  Imagine the shoes as snow boots – because that is what I actually wore.  And I was thankful too – because there was a load of ice at her house.


I didn’t have the camera handy when I left my room and I forgot to go back and get it.  I wore a big fluffy sweater, jeans and snow boots.  You aren’t missing much – it wasn’t anything spectacular.

Even though we had a ice storm that delayed the federal government and shut down lots of activities around me, none of our out-of-the-house activities were cancelled.  Bummer.  So it was all practical and nothing at all fun.



Nothing terribly exciting but I felt cute since I curled my hair.  I guess that’s really the point of this whole thing isn’t it?  A few small easy things that make you feel more put-together?

All in all, it was a better week than the week before that.  I’ll take it.


pleated poppy



4 thoughts on “A Wardrobe Makeover – What I wore Jan 18 to 24

  1. Great finds for $20! I never think to add a belt to an everyday sweater. I need to try that. My fav. of the week is the leggings outfit. Aren’t leggings the best!?!

  2. AHHHHHH DORABLE! I love your dress with leggings, and I need some boot socks too! They’re so cute!! I love all your outfits, and the pretty curly hair! 😉 Happy wednesday!

  3. you are so cute.
    i wanted to thank you for the kind comment about my menu board that you left at TCM. i’m glad the idea will work for you too, and I appreciate the time you took to leave the sweet compliment.

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