Pantry Update

It’s been two months since I reorganized my pantry so I thought I’d share a “real world” report of how it worked out.  I’m pleased to say that it has been more successful than even I thought it would!  It’s just that I usually get very excited about a project but maintaining it is a whole different matter.

For this one, the whole family bought in immediately.  I think that was key.  I also put the things the children were allowed to access at their level.  Another key point.  The big bins for cereal and open snacks have been great for those occasions when they don’t reseal the bag as well as I’d like.  And they keep everything together where they should be.  Win!

Here is a picture of what it looks like these days. Image

As you can tell, my bin for the lunchboxes hasn’t worked out well.  They still end up on the floor of the pantry.  I think it’s because the bin isn’t big enough to hold them all well.  Either I need to purge, store extras elsewhere or get a bigger bin for that.  We also started buying disposable to-go coffee cups recently because I’m notorious for losing the $10 per mug kind.  Now I have to figure out where to store them.  However, everything else about the system has been very successful.

I hope it helps you reorganize your pantry!


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