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WIWW – Cowboy boot edition

Welcome back!  I was MIA for a week because we took a family vacation to Tennessee.  It was the best family vacation we’ve had to date!  I really, really did not want it to end.  {sigh}

While we were there, I was keeping my eyes out for a fun souvenir from the trip.  With my new I-hate-clutter approach to life, nothing was appealing to me.  BUT!  I’ve wanted a pair of cowboy boots for ages.  Around here, you can spend $300 for a pair without blinking an eye.  So, I decided to see if I could find a pair that I liked there that was more reasonable.  And I did!

Aren’t they lovely?  And they are so comfortable.  They are 11 inch boots by Ariat.  As much as I wanted to find a pair of sassy red boots, that will have to wait for another day.  I decided to start with classic boots that I’ll likely wear for years to come.

So this week’s WIWW is a classic white t-shirt, my Docker’s boyfriend shirt, Levi’s 512 jeans (the BEST jeans for a woman with hips) and my boots.  I was so pleased that I actually put on my jewelry too!  I have had the blue Lia Sophia necklace hanging in my jewelry cabinet for at least two years now.  New with tags until yesterday.

I discovered today that my daughter might not be my best photographer.  Every one of the ten pictures she took is fuzzy.  I guess that camera is pretty heavy and hard to hold perfectly still if you are only 10.  LOL.  Note to self – get out the tripod next time.

Since I’m currently on a kick to make myself a highly functional wardrobe that doesn’t require a ton of upkeep or space, I decided to sign up for a new website called Go Chic or Go Home.  I think it could be really wonderful if I could get it to work right.  I’ll keep trying but in the meantime, it at least gives me some good inspiration for what real women are wearing.  (

Check out what other real women are wearing by clicking the link below and visiting The Pleated Poppy.

pleated poppy