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Classical Conversations at Home – Cycle 1 Week 1

Welcome back! Are you ready for another year of CC? We started back at our campus yesterday. I am tutoring again this year and I have a class full of 9 little girls! So fun.

Here at my house, I have a large whiteboard in our school room. I have written down this weeks memory work on the board for us to practice and review.


For the first 5 commandments, we are using both visual clues and hand motions.  For the visual cues, I cut the images out of the document that I found here. (


Our hand motions are as follows –

1) hold up one finger shaking it as if to say “no, no, no” and then point up to God.

2) hold up index finger on each hand and then bend one in a hook as if it’s bowing down to the other.

3) hold up three finger on one hand in front of your mouth as you speak/sing the words.

4) hold up four fingers on one hand and then lay them in palm of other hand as if they are resting.

5) use the American Sign Language signs for father and mother (


Our hand motions for science are –

Kingdom Phylum (motion as if you are setting a crown on your head)

called his Class to Order (cup both hands on either side of your mouth as if you are calling someone)

so the Family Genus (stand up straight and tall and interlock your fingers in front of you as if you are pious)

could learn more about Species (point to your temple as if you are thinking).


At my campus, our director blows up the current map and laminates it for all the students to use in class.  Then she sells extras at cost to the parents in the program.  I bought one for home use.

Next to it, is the Noun Cases for Latin.  I bought one of the Target Dollar spot pocket charts.  Then I created a document in Word with all the noun cases, printed, laminated and cut it apart.  Since we will be doing these noun cases for a total of 4 of the 24 weeks, it’s worth the effort to me.  This makes for an interactive activity as I can hand my child the stack and have him match them up.  Just the English side first, then just the Latin side, then hand him all and have him build the chart from memory.


For this week in math, I have these cute little ice cream cones.  I made them when my boys were little and learning to count.  I have them 1-12, even numbers to 24 and set up for skip counting the 3’s.  My kids already know their 1’s and 2’s so we don’t really use these much at home.  However, I did use them when they were little and have used them for three years as a tutor.  If you have preschoolers or young CC students, perhaps it’s worth the time to make a set for your  home.  You can find the printable source here. (


I obviously did not include them all when I took the picture, but you get the idea.  When I made them, I used some old scrapbooking number stickers I had on hand.  I included dots so they could get a visual for how many each number represents and I labeled them with the number word.  Then I laminated and cut out.  My kiddos enjoyed stacking up their ice cream cone.    They can also be taped to a wall in your home for a temporary display.

I hope this inspires you to review and practice at home so your little ones can retain all that valuable information this week!