A new lovely for me!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!  It’s she a beauty?

I love her!  She is meant to hold a cell phone.  See the inside how it has two pockets?  I could throw a debit card and my phone in there and be ready to go.  I just LOVE this little beauty.  If you want one, you can order a custom one here at Aubrey Plays on etsy.  She does the BEST work.  I’ve ordered multiple things here and I’ve been pleased with everything.

Make your Classical Music fun

If you are interested in introducing classical music to your children in a fun way, I recommend this cd.  Beethoven’s Wig takes the classic symphonies and adds fun and catchy lyrics for your kids to sing along and (shhh) perhaps learn a wee bit about the composer in a few of them!  We love this cd at my house.  Give it a listen and see what you think!  (PS – the mp3 download is cheaper at Amazon than it is on iTunes.)