Three on Thursday

I have so many things I want to share on this blog but I am so far behind.  I feel like I’m behind in most every aspect of my life currently.  I’m thankful I started this Three on Thursday series so that I can at least be held accountable to sharing three things that have my attention each week!

  1. We started our pre-Cycle 3 memory work for Classical Conversations.  I took advantage of that sale with 10% off Cycle 3 material and it all arrived last week.  We did week one this week and I’m proud to tell you that my kids know that Columbus made the first of four trips to the Caribbean in 1492 on three Spanish ships named the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria!
  2. We had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Nothing really noteworthy to anyone but us.  We had our morning service at our church which was a really good service.  Afterward we went to our club where the kids had an egg hunt and we ate brunch with my parents.  Pretty typical but also a great memory for my family.  I like it when things work out the way they are supposed to.
  3. My nephew and his wife came to see us last Saturday and I got to take maternity pictures for them.  It was my first time ever taking pictures of a pregnant woman and her man.  They are such a cute couple and it was really a super fun time for me.  I’m looking forward to meeting this new little member of our family.


Three on Thursday

  1. We are puppy sitting today.  My friend had to go to a funeral far, far away and it would require the entire day.  It is lovely to have a loaner puppy for a test run to see if we really want one.  This one is mighty cute too.  She is a lab but I think she looks like she’s going to be on the small side.  I like small.
  2. My little man had to go to the doctor this morning.  After having a cough for two months or so and then kicking into high gear with allergies, it was time to go see a professional.  I was on my knees in prayer all night last night because of it.  He sounded so bad.  It’s good to have a family practice that you feel confident in calling when the momma gets scared.  And I was scared.  Funny thing – when we were in the office, all he wanted was a pair of those gloves.  So cute.
  3. My new time waster is Words with Friends for my iPhone.  I’m terrible but it still amuses me.
  4. I’m feeling rebellious.  Today gets four items.  I got a new iTouch yesterday.  Due to a severe Amazon foul-up, they had to refund me about $150.  I decided to buy a used apple device to dedicate to Classical Conversation memory work for the car.  Problem is, I really, really like this thing.  It’s nicer than my current version of my iPhone.  {sigh}


Three on Thursday – Friday Edition

Well, Three on Thursday is going to be on Friday this week.  I mentioned last week about how overwhelmed I am, right?  Here’s proof.  {sigh}

  1. Have you ever read the book Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson?  It’s a good book.  He talks about how sometimes the plant needs to be pruned and cut back in order for it to grow fuller, stronger and bear more fruit later.  I’m getting pruned.  The last week has revealed to me that some things need to be cut away to make room for others.  Some of the things He is cutting away are perfectly fine, even good things.  But they are not as good as what is to come.  They are not where I’m supposed to be focused.  I’m not sure where this is all leading but I know it’s leading somewhere.  I have faith.
  2. Two great things happened this week with my kids.  First, Mason taught himself to ride his bike.  No parent.  No instruction.  He got mad at one of his training wheels so he took it off.  Then he rode around with only one and within a few minutes learned to balance perfectly.  We are taking the other one off tomorrow when he gets to show his father his new skill.  He is so delighted!  The second is that my nine year old daughter beat me at Quirkle yesterday.  She beat me good.  By 21 points!  The girl has some strategy and thinking skills.  At the end I said to her, “You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?”  She responded, “Yes.  Yes, I am.”  It was said with no gloat, nothing but pure innocent pride.  It was completely charming.
  3. My husband lost his friend and colleague Tuesday morning.  Derek died of cancer.  He was my age.  Late 30’s.  One day he was sitting at his desk and abruptly left because he wasn’t feeling well.  Within a week he had a diagnosis.  It’s been a hard week for my husband.  Budgets and stressful accounting deadlines coupled with outside requirements topped off with grief.

One of my friends just posted this video on her Facebook page today.  It’s a sweet reminder to savor your journey through motherhood.  Watch it.  It’s not a total downer, even though I sound like that this week.  It’s very sweet.  I want to buy her book now.  Just watch.

Savor your journey!



Three on Thursday

  1. It is increasingly difficult to dress a nine year old girl in appropriate clothes that are cute and stylish but don’t break the bank.  While checking Kohl’s yesterday for spring pieces, I came across stuff like this. (  I think you need to be about 18 before you are wearing rolled yoga pants that are that short.  But maybe that’s just me.  The fact that they come in a size 7 is just too much for me.
  2. I am in full purge swing this week.  My church is having a free clothing swap this weekend and I’m determined to get as much of our outgrown clothing there as possible.  I guess clothes are on the brain this week.
  3. Two baby showers to plan, three birthday parties (all for my kids), preschool class pictures to take and the end of Classical Conversations are all coming up in the next 4 weeks.  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.   But my little girl is standing behind me as I type and talking to our pet bunny.  She sounds so sweet and that is making it all okay right at this moment.

Picture of the post – Two weeks ago, I took my girl out to lunch for a date.  That’s when I took this picture.  It is not original but it amuses me to capture current technology in the image.


Three on Thursday

  1. This idea has totally caught my attention and imagination this week.  It’s called the Saved Quarter challenge.  You can read more about it here.  (  I’m not committing to it yet but it has me thinking.  Thinking about selling stuff off and decluttering all in one.  And putting that toward something.  My thoughts aren’t complete yet but the idea has my imagination again.
  2. One of my favorite bloggers is the Frugal Girl.  (  I just like lots of things about her.  Pictures, home school, saving money…  She’s a smart cookie!  And on a side note, my husband and I once joked about me and one of my pals that we were the frugal friend network.  I might have to start a category for that.  More thoughts to have rolling around in my head.
  3. I ordered two new lunch accessories that arrived this week.  One is the Easy Lunchbox system and the other is these awesome fabric snack/sandwich sacks by Reuse Zone on etsy.  ( and  I’m looking forward to reviewing both for you soon.  So far, two thumbs up on both.

PS – they are calling for snow this weekend and one day next week around here.  I. am. not. amused.

    Three on Thursday

    This week, I’m going to share three things my kids will hear me say often…

    1. A few weeks ago Rick Sammon tweeted the following sentiment, “If you have the choice to be right or be kind… be kind.”  I think it’s going to be my family motto for 2011.  Sometimes our kids are so busy being right, they forget that we are a family and we should be kind.  (Sometimes Mommy forgets too.)  “Kindness Matters” is something they also hear me say frequently.
    2. Our home school family verse this year is 1 Cor. 15:33  “Do not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character.'”  This is really just as much for me as it is for them.  Too many reasons to share because it’s a verse with multiple level applications for me this year.
    3. Becky Higgins recently wrote, “The purpose of the task is to strengthen the relationship.”  That really resonates with me in this season of life.  Maybe it will for you too.

    Picture of the day- an image of my boys from January.

    Three on Thursday

    Three things that are of interest – perhaps only to me – but of interest all the same.

    1. I just discovered  Seems like a very handy place to know about.  Especially if you are a mompreneur.  Or like to spend your money with mompreneurs – like I do.
    2. My kindergarten age son is learning to read.  On my third attempt at this, I picked up Hooked on Phonics at my local library.  I tried it out for free and then I searched for it on ebay once I knew it was right for him.  Got a brand new set of K-1 HOP for about $45.  Still in shrink wrap.  Good stuff right there.  My little man has been rocking out to this for a few weeks now and he still seems to love it.  And I do too.  Simple and effective.
    3. I’ve lost 10 pounds on South Beach.  Yeah, I know that one is really only of interest to me but it’s a big interest to me!  Three weeks tomorrow, 10 lbs down.  I’m pleased.

    And my picture for this post.  I got one of these thought bubbles and I finally decided to mess with it yesterday.  It amuses me so I’m sure you’ll be seeing it again.